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Operating since 1974, the award-winning Al Waraq Printing Press (AWPP) is the leading Printing Press of the region, comprising of Commercial Printing (offset, packaging, sheet), Digital Printing and Packaging Printing. Al Waraq Printing Press (AWPP) consists of two production plants, covering more than 61,000 square feet (ft2) of area, making AWPP the largest Printing Press in Qatar

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Offset Printing Services For All Publishers,
Libraries, And Magazines

Offset printing is one of the most popular printing techniques among different types of printing, as it provides high-quality printing results and adds a lot of value to printed products. Offset printing is a printing technique that uses plates, usually aluminum, to transfer an image to be printed on a rubber "blanket", which is then rolled onto a sheet of paper and then onto various substrates to produce high-quality images and designs. Offset printing is commonly used in mass production of printing, such as printing large quantities of newspapers, brochures, stationery, magazines, and of course boxes and boxes.

Offset printing service is provided through major printing companies. Al Waraq Press in Qatar is one of the Dar Al Sharq Group companies, working in the field of offset printing and digital printing, in addition to providing all services related to printing and packaging. Al Waraq Press also provides all technical services. The necessary, and Al-Waraq printing presses are distinguished by the quality of their products and their punctuality, and it is a long-standing name in the world of printing in Qatar, especially as it supervises the printing of the four newspapers which published by the Dar Al Sharq Group, which are the most widely spread newspapers in Qatar (Al Sharq newspaper, Lusail newspaper, Al Arab newspaper, and the Peninsula newspaper).

Offset printing stage?


stage 1

In the first step, the offset printing depends on several cylinders in the printing process, the first cylinder used in the offset printing process is the “plate” cylinder. This thin cylinder has a plastic or aluminum plate around it. To do this, the file is first created into film negatives. Then, light is used to transfer the images to the plate, through exposure.


stage 2

The second cylinder is the cylinder "offset blanket". It is a rubber cylinder that rotates in the opposite direction to the plate cylinder. When the two cylinders are rolled against each other, the water is squeezed away and the ink is transferred to the rubber blanket, creating a mirror image of the ink design


stage 3

The third roller in the offset printing process is the "impression" roller. Made of clean steel, it rotates in the opposite direction of the folded drum. The print roller transfers the ink as it presses the paper against the rubber blanket.

What are the benifit of offset printing?

Offset printing is characterized by its high quality and true colors; Because offset printing uses ink instead of toner used in digital printing, so the printing result is richer, clearer, and at a lower cost, printing experts recommend using medium to large volume printing with offset printing. Offset presses are characterized by their speed and efficiency, as they can print about 18 thousand sheets in one hour, and the offset press can print 8 pages on one sheet. SO, offset printing is the best choice when larger quantities are required, as it provides accurate color reproduction, and clean, clear, professional-looking prints.

Why Al waraq?

Al Waraq Printing Press has the good experience and reputation in the field of offset printing and has a long history and experience over many years in offset printing in large quantities such as printing newspapers, envelopes, magazines, and books. Your choice of Al Waraq presses for offset printing makes it easy for you to print large quantities that you want to print with high quality. Al Waraq Printing Press is a well-established name in the world of printing in Qatar. The printing presses care about the tastes of all its customers and meet all their requirements by providing them with the best service and providing them with all the necessary technical services in addition to special competitive prices.